Billy Cancel


     Grey Wolves with NIGHTVISION please lead us

through those Valleys O’ Code beyond
the warp, lift & errant     dribble we
once pursued with     salt ‘n’ spoon so
through every Dramatic Cutaway / Interior
Void     we’ll always acknowledge The
Corn.         in the god speed i crept out

     of favor with myself      quick enough to
follow their bold emotional cues.         stuffed

     with treacle ‘n’ brimstone he     maintained
a high premium on     sheer visibility.         every

     3rd week our     pockets keep getting
a bad attack.     it’ll be Swear o’clock     soon &

time to cuss again.         Grey Wolves
     with NIGHTVISION lead
us through a
valley of
code     other
than that
not much doing…  


makes my mouth tingle & fizz     cracks
between my teeth quicker pace     sharper
edge     continuously detailed movement
great violence without injury     no parental
supervision         shall be directly preceded by
     the time when cocktails become     inadequate
an alternation of meaning     boogie man as
object of sonic desire switching to carnie bride & i’ll
drink out of a horse’s skull it’ll tingle fizz
crack between my teeth i’ll bust some
moves         said accelerator i could eat a horse
     then chase the jockey     fish or sauce who is to
play the starring part?
     he can’t assist you because often
gets awoken by a fiend scratching at the
window         however for other distempers of
     the head     i took 2-3 spoonful’s of chew
water     scavenged pinks blues purples from my local dump    
& with these     i adorned non-descript sidewalks         similar
     tales exist in every small town     some
gain traction others don’t


     let’s pile up The Agony all the way to SMASH

‘cause you & i agree like bells     that
swallowing-the-anchor-back teeth-well
afloat     can’t be the only other way
about.         Crypsis ‘N’ Mimacy got

     us in range     of the briefest     of contact with
STAR APPLE TREE where     celestial
poultry kept their nests &     sung a rather
nonsensical rendition of     “Already There!
Already There!”         turns out we were just getting

     tack head     to go off
& perch amongst fresh
green foliage rose-colored
brambles     where “the
Punch line is shellacked
upside down”     against
a backdrop of psychedelic
counter-culture & “the Punch line shellacked upside
down.”         quite skeptical we are now of such phenomena

     because     it’s too often described “as dotted with
little odds ‘n’ ends”     while fighting
EMPTY SPACE with         a hair pin still
seems to get an encore.


     erased by choreographed henchmen
was the threat     because in hot pink egg
yolk yellow     squandered a month’s
earnings thinking about what pleasant     dreams i
could retrospectively accumulate     when
i got back to     armpit of the universe
gouged the surface     sprayed
bright color lines     chipped away at
the face         still a compelling
     alternative to     going down
the turnip field     because tonight
is information moon     & crows are
there     filling themselves up         out
     with the captain i dialed     in a mega
dose knew     it would be cranial     
disharmony      was up all hours ‘til     
1 boulder garden involuntarily dismount &  
     now you’ve gone     all care bear     
whispering     where do you think
you are     site specific installation     daddy’s yacht?     this is     the 3 eyed league


     jerk offs lush backdrop     are in on the gag
latte factor &     a ton of personality to be
precise     it’s a stella thorn bundle     don’t
know what to believe or who to act     receptive
gestures carried out rather     than nerve
    while spherical clusters of small
white summer flowers give     us dramatic
purple berries through fall         an egg in our
     beer but we ain’t got the chime     this is alright
already that’s     the other way about     only
a matter of time before     a major provider
goes bust         i am used to being     part of
     the squadron riding day     night straight
north     rather than
this melodramatic
stand off     of rhubarb
rhubarb     invasive
weed     rhubarb
rhubarb     invasive


billy cancel is a poet/performer & sound/collage artist. His work has appeared in Boston Review & PEN America. His collection MOCK TROUGH RASPING CROW was released by BlazeVOX books this year. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife Thursday Fernworthy (Lauds) & together they perform as the noise-poetry duo Tidal Channel. Aberrations of all kinds at


Published July 2018.