Dara Cerv


the only option seems to be growth in a new direction


rehab garden




this wedding will be so easy


some religion


I finally get / what came / from that whole wreck


when asked about how your chest felt


longing theorem


past / present / future


you are my orbital flower


some things end / naturally and naturally / some things end


ghost muse


Dara Cerv lives and works in New York. Her visual art has
accompanied the poetry of Christine Shan Shan Hou in Parallax,
Emily Skillings in Hyperallergic, Ali Power in Poor Claudia, and
recently appeared on a broadside in celebration of a performance
of John Ashbery's "Litany" at the Poetry Project. She is the author
of a chapbook, Bath Poems (Sixth Finch, 2015). Work lives here:
daracerv.com and here: instagram.com/dara.cerv.on.paper.


Published January 2017.