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i had my own first experience with two real refugees when i was a kid       liuba and charlie were two polish refugees           a brother and sister who had slipped out of Poland during the german occupation and wandered around through several countries looking for a home they were a study in contrasts           charlie was a chunky cheerful guy with blonde hair laughing blue eyes and a rudimentary grasp of english that he deployed very effectively                   cracking up over his own linguistic blunders as generously as the jokes of others         leaving the impression that these were also jokes and that he knew english much better than he really did       while his sister was a small birdlike creature as dark as he was blonde       as small and fragile as he was strong and hearty     and seemingly afraid of everything but song                i heard her once at a family party at sarahs house in an unusually festive affair celebrating the safe arrival in america of three more relatives recounted in a rich mix of polish russian and ukrainian where nearly everyone who could be considered family was there listening to